"SHOWERDENT® provides essential periodontal dental hygiene..."
Dr. Arnold Rosenberg, Columbia Dental School Professor - Retired
"As an adjunct to dental hygiene, no one should be without this new state of the art product"
Dr. Brad Engle, Florida Periodontist
"The ability to use my SHOWERDENT® either in the shower or at my basin is very convenient."
Carl Melillo - Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
"My daughter has orthodontic braces. SHOWERDENT® thoroughly cleans under her wires and around her orthodontic brackets."
David Jones - Port Charlotte, Florida

"Dental floss and brush your teeth, then use your SHOWERDENT® you'll be surprised at what you missed!"

Using precision engineering, SHOWER DENTSHOWERDENT® allows the mixing of water with mouthwash or prescribed medications at desired pressure and temperature settings to achieve pristine oral cleansing.

SHOWERDENT® can be used either in the shower or at a nearby basin without the mess and clutter associated with other Oral irrigators.

While nothing replaces brushing your teeth, SHOWERDENT® gets to those hard-to-reach places, massages the gum line around teeth and dental appliances and helps prevent the build-up of plaque, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

SHOWERDENT® comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year Warranty.


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